Dedicated to the recruiting, developing, managing, and retaining of skilled and quality healthcare professionals to support the Federal Governments’ strategic objectives.

Cape Fox Federal Integrators delivers a professional healthcare workforce and provides a wide array of medical solutions. We offer multiple capabilities to support the Department of Defense and other organizations within the Federal Government. Our initiatives focus on a service oriented approach to build strong customer relationships. Cape Fox Federal Integrators programs offer industry recognized subject matter experts that provide quality service.

Biomedical Engineering Technicians (BMETs)

Cape Fox Federal Integrators has certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians Certified by the International Certification Commission capable of performing all preventive/corrective maintenance (PM/CM), Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL)/contract calibrations and general inspections of medical equipment assets utilizing manufacturers’ literature. Our Technicians apply electrical, electronic, mechanical, chemical, optical, and other engineering principles to perform maintenance service, repairs and overhaul of all medical equipment and medical systems. They gather the information needed to acquire necessary repair parts, which may include parts for medical equipment no longer supported by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and serve as technical advisors in the purchase of new medical equipment.

Physicians and Nursing

Cape Fox Federal Integrators provides physicians and nurses for Troop Medical Clinics and US Army Hospitals nationwide. Our physicians provide healthcare support in many different specialties to include; Emergency Room, Bariatric Surgeons, Family Practice, etc. Our experienced medical staffing recruiters differentiate us from our competitors by always keeping our fill rate above 95% and our annual employee turnover is always less than 10%.

Behavioral Health / Counseling

Cape Fox Federal Integrators staffs Psychologists and Counselors experienced in Suicide Prevention, Behavior Modification, and Substance Abuse Prevention. The Cape Fox Team implemented the Vets 4 Warriors Program which is a 24 hour hotline with a helpdesk to provide peer counseling to all veterans needing assistance. As a result, we helped over 9,000 soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), homicidal, suicidal tendencies and other presenting disorders. We also are responsible for the Fort Family Call Center, which handles unit outreach suicide response counseling, sexual harassment reporting and counseling and all other “HotLine” requirements for the US Army Reserve Command at Fort Bragg.

Ancillary Services

Cape Fox Federal Integrators can provide the following Ancillary Services:

• Audiology (hearing)
• Chiropractic Services
• Diagnostic Laboratory
• Nuclear Medicine (imaging)
• Pharmacy
• Radiology (x-rays and imaging)
• Respiratory Therapy
• Speech/Language Pathology
• Blind and Vision Rehabilitation
• Dental Services
• Nutrition and Food Service
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy Prosthetics
• Recreation and Creative Arts Therapies
• Social Work (housing, discharge planning, family support)
• Traumatic Brain Injury
Staffing Solutions

Cape Fox Federal Integrators has an excellent Human Resource Department that assists with Recruiting and Staffing solutions. Our professional recruiters are Our Retention Plan offers a Competitive Benefits Package which keeps our employees satisfied and turnover low.