Cape Fox Federal Integrators provides training solutions that deliver specific knowledge, diverse skills, and advanced competencies to students and military personnel.

Cape Fox Federal Integrators offers high-level, tailored training solutions that provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform special key tasks to our military personnel. Our proven organized training techniques, combined with the latest technologies, ensure classroom and field instructions are aligned with our client’s performance goals and the organization’s long-term strategic objectives. Our instructors are experienced in conducting analysis and assessment to develop a tailored curriculum to fit specific customer requirements.

Foreign Language Training

Cape Fox Federal Integrators offers a wide range of foreign language instruction.  Whether the intent is to teach new students of a language or to increase the proficiency of experienced speakers, our tailored training techniques and skilled instructors produce dramatic results.  In a classroom, in a one-on-one setting, or in a virtual environment, we are ready to help you achieve your learning goals.

Cape Fox Federal Integrators has supported, among others,  the United States Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) by providing a combination of Language Training and Administrative Support Services to process over 120 Career Officers and Career Candidate Officers in 60 languages. We provide professional language instructors that are Native Level Proficient in accordance with Interagency Learning Round Table (ILR). We provide all curriculum, language training materials, books, multimedia material, software, etc. to ensure our students pass their examinations and stay proficient while deploying to their specific Foreign Officer Assignments.

  • Exceptional Language Training Services to support ILR Proficiency and Exams
  • Mock Test & Exam Preparation
  • FAST – Familiarization and Short-Term Training Courses aimed at Situational Readiness
  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) Preparation
Curriculum Development

Cape Fox Federal Integrators currently develops curriculum for the Department of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. We have Subject Matter Experts and Instructional System Designers (ISDs) who fully understand customer expectations and tailor training courses to fit their requirements. Our ISDs work with instructors and graphics experts to conceptualize the look and feel of the curriculum. Cape Fox Federal Integrators ISDs also work directly with the customer in converting curriculum into a more modernized platform.

Traffic Safety & Motorcycle Training

At Cape Fox Federal Integrators, we use a community-based approach in reducing mishaps that starts with education and training, leverages command and community partnerships, and delivers uniform safety message to develop a culture of safety. We provide a comprehensive Traffic Safety Program by providing education and training in concert with a command effort to reduce mishaps through individual behavioral changes. Within the armed services programs, we helped reduce motorcycle mishaps by over 60% in the Navy and 40% in the Marine Corps in a 12 month period. Our courses are organized in a systematic, building block approach in accordance with requirements of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) Training

Cape Fox Federal Integrators is capable of robust, responsive strategic communication support at the headquarters level for the SHARP Program. Our keen grasp of national security strategy and relevant policies and strategies, paired with industry and government best practices, have made us an invaluable resource in terms of strategy development, analysis, and program design.

Cape Fox Federal Integrators is also capable of providing subject matter expertise for the development of SHARP training for initial entry training, basic training, initial entry officer training, professional military education, unit refresher training, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)/Victim Advocate (VA) certification and refresher training, and Civilian Education System Training. Cape Fox Federal Integrators works aggressively to stay current on policy and seek out information on applicable social change and teaching/training/education techniques relevant to eradicating sexual assault.”

Train The Trainer

Cape Fox Federal Integrators specializes in tailored training which allows organizations to conduct their own training internally based on a systematic approach. Once our Certified Instructors conduct one-on-one training with an organization’s representative, that representative feels confident in providing the same training to their peers. We also provide group and classroom training.


Cape Fox Federal Integrators provides exceptional global training solutions on-site for many customers. We have certified instructors CONUS and OCONUS in addition to our offices in Manassas, Virginia.  Cape Fox Federal Integrators also provides Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) to facilitate training at multiple locations.